Cal Ripken’s statement regarding Favre

Cal Ripken knows a thing or two about streaks. He seems like the logical guy to comment on quarterback Brett Favre, whose NFL-record streak of consecutive starts ended tonight at 297 (only a few more than his record number of retirement announcements.)

Favre has been taking snaps since 1992, but a right shoulder injury didn’t allow him to suit up for tonight’s rescheduled game against the Giants. He was listed among the Vikings’ inactives.

In a statement, baseball’s Iron Man said the following:

“Brett has had an incredible career and his consecutive-games streak is remarkable. As a football fan, I cannot fathom his accomplishments and I appreciate his dedication to and passion for the game. He is a true gamer and has provided us all with a lot of wonderful memories.”

Takes one to know one.

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It actually made my toes curl. I still haven’t been able to wear shoes.

The first ingredient is “Brisket of Beef.” That’s a really good start. Super-moist, no preservatives. I stuck my head in the bag - and it’s not that big of a bag.

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