LaRoche, Lee or someone else?

My trip to Ocean Pines has been delayed until tomorrow after the area was blanketed by more than a foot of snow.

Meanwhile, it’s a sunny morning in Sykesville and that light dusting is gone.

It must be those 50 mph winds. I thought my car might end up in another parking spot.

I asked a few days ago which teams besides the Orioles and Nationals were looking for a first baseman. The Padres reached agreement with Brad Hawpe and the Rangers appear to have settled on Mitch Moreland.

As for the Rays, Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times suggests that they’ll go with Dan Johnson or sign someone like Casey Kotchman.

Topkin adds: “Expect clarity after Adam LaRoche and Derrek Lee sign elsewhere.”


Again, it’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where the Orioles don’t sign one of them. The offers are on the table. How long are these guys going to hold out for a better one?

A few readers have suggested that the Orioles trade for Billy Butler or Yonder Alonso. Would you rather pay for a free agent or hand over the young pitching necessary to obtain a first baseman from another organization?

Butler could serve as the Royals’ designated hitter, with Kila Ka’aihue playing first base. Alonso is blocked by National League MVP Joey Votto of the Reds.

Butler is more proven. Alonso might be more available.

Of course, the Orioles could settle for one of the other free agents, or move Luke Scott to first base and sign a full-time designated hitter. We’ve examined those possibilities until we’re blue in the face.

I still expect the Orioles to sign LaRoche or Lee, but they have more options than those two players.

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