Roll call for relievers

I’m still dealing with e-mail issues because AOL - yes, I know, so lame - keeps forcing me to change my password once or twice a day since the great virus attack of 2010.

AOL randomly decides that my password is invalid, which also prevents my BlackBerry from receiving e-mails. I can’t get a technician to assist me because I don’t pay for the service, and the “chat room” didn’t provide any solutions before I went to bed.

Maybe I entered the wrong room. I should have known when someone asked what I was wearing.

My latest Verizon wireless card, every bit as worthless as my old one, decided again last night that a signal is overrated, so I actually drove around Eldersburg with my laptop on the passenger seat until I got a few bars and could approve comments.

Yes, I pulled off the road.

That’s not the first time I’ve driven around looking for bars, but I usually keep the laptop in my trunk.

But enough of my whining...

So Jesse Crain is the latest reliever to come off the board. The Orioles had interest in him early in the free-agent process, but he reportedly agreed to a three-year deal with the White Sox.

My guess is the Orioles weren’t willing to commit three years to Crain. Or he always wore a White Sox cap to Camden Yards and rooted for Bobby Thigpen.

Joaquin Benoit got the ball rolling when the Tigers gave him three years. Scott Downs and Matt Guerrier also reeled in three-year contracts.

Every team in baseball seemed to be looking for relievers at the winter meetings, and the Orioles were no exception. So far, they’ve re-signed Koji Uehara for one year with a vesting option, and reached agreement with former Blue Jays right-hander Jeremy Accardo on a one-year deal.

They’ve still got some work to do.

The Orioles reportedly have a two-year offer on the table for Kevin Gregg. He might want to make sure someone isn’t willing to go three years. It’s been known to happen.

If you tried to project the Opening Day bullpen right now, you’d start with Koji the closer and work your way back to Accardo, Jim Johnson, Michael Gonzalez and Jason Berken (assuming his shoulder is sound.)

That’s five.

We need seven.

David Hernandez and Matt Albers are gone. So are Kam Mickolio and Jim Hoey, but I wasn’t ready to pencil them into the bullpen. Mark Hendrickson is a free agent, and you never count out the York, Pa. resident. If we’re deep into January and he’s still looking for a job, he could turn up again.

Maybe Troy Patton gets a shot at filling Hendrickson’s shoes - no small task when they belong to a former NBA forward.

If we’re talking about left-handers, Will Ohman is still available and it’s not out of the question that he resurfaces in Sarasota.

People tend to forget about Alfredo Simon. I did until I just checked the roster from last season.

Rick VandenHurk is out of minor league options and will have to make the club as a starter or reliever. Otherwise, the Orioles will have to trade him or try to pass him through waivers and outright him.

I would expect at least one more reliever to be signed.

I’d just feel better if it happened after a first baseman.

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