Simon’s agent remains optimistic, awaiting word

Phil Isaac, one of the agents who represents Alfredo Simon, is waiting to hear back from the Orioles’ reliever after this morning’s meeting with law enforcement authorities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

According to published reports, Simon is the primary suspect in the shooting death of a 25-year-old man on New Year’s Eve.

Isaac, of the Para Sports Group, said by phone earlier today that he remains optimistic that “this thing will get resolved in his favor.”

“Again, we’re hoping,” Isaac said. “I think it would be ambitious to say it will end today, but we hope that it does.”

Isaac had expected Simon’s meeting to conclude around 12:30 p.m.

“We hope to have some information soon,” he said. “There are some misunderstood facts circulating out there. A lot of false, nonsensical statements out there.

“He’s not under arrest, he’s not charged with anything. All that’s happening is he’s giving an official statement to police in the Dominican Republic. He’s not under arrest and he didn’t turn himself in. There’s no reason for him to turn himself in.”

Former Orioles Miguel Tejada and Julio Lugo are offering financial assistance to Simon, who is being represented by an elite legal staff.

“Those guys have been great,” Isaac said.

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