What’s left for the Orioles?

The Orioles remain focused on a left-handed reliever and a veteran starter as we count down the final weeks before spring training. And they’re not expected to sign anyone in the near future.

There isn’t much of a distinction among the remaining pitchers on the market, so yes, they’ll let it play out and wait for the prices to fall.

As for adding another bat - and the Vladimir Guerrero rumor has suddenly gained momentum - the door hasn’t completely slammed shut on him, but his price would have to come way down. And it’s going to take time if this happens. We’re only in the first week of January.

Guerrero signed a one-year deal with the Rangers in 2010 that guaranteed $5.5 million and included performance bonuses and a $1 million buyout.

A team source said not to rule out Guerrero or another DH, but it’s not likely to happen. The focus remains on pitching.

Former Orioles Will Ohman and Mark Hendrickson remain on the club’s list of possibilities for the bullpen. They haven’t been ruled out, but there are plenty of directions the team could go to fill that need.

Talking to various people, it’s clear that the Orioles weren’t giving Derrek Lee serious consideration until talks broke down with Adam LaRoche. They were convinced that Lee wanted to play on the West Coast, and LaRoche seemed like the more logical choice, but his demands were too excessive.

The Orioles and Lee made the necessary concessions to get a deal done.

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