Postgame Showalter

Manager Buck Showalter summed up a 3-0 loss to the Rangers that included Ian Kinsler’s two-run shot off Jim Johnson in the seventh inning and left the Orioles 3-3 on their first homestand of 2011.

“Home runs hurt us today,” Showalter said. “Obviously, we gave in a little bit there on Kinsler. I like our chances there 1-0. But we had the tying run at the plate more than once and some good people there who over the course of the season will deliver.”

Buck Showalter meets with the media to discuss the Birds’ 3-0 loss to Texas

On Jeremy Guthrie:
“He did a lot of work with the doctors and trainers to get to this point, and I thought he gave us everything he had. He was running out of gas there at the end. I was watching him when he backed up third on a fly ball for the last out. Gutty effort. Gave us a chance to win and you’ve got to have that with the pitching they run out there.”

On third base coach John Russell holding Nick Markakis at third:
“I like the idea of Vlady hitting there. He would have been out with a good throw. If we all knew where the throw was going to end up on the ensuing throw, it would be different, but we don’t. He’s out with a pretty easy throw. He’s out by a large margin. We had the right people up in some situations. Just got to tip your hat to (Derek) Holland.”

On the first homestand:
“Some things that could have made it better. We played three pretty good clubs with the American League East champions and the American League champions and a team that’s going to be a power in the Central, but that’s life in the American League, period. We know what the Yankees bring and I don’t know if there’s anybody playing better than the Cleveland Indians right now. Stay tuned. You’ve got to keep grinding. Could have been better. We got through some of the pitching challenges that we’ve had. Jeremy gave us a big outing today, so we kind of got back on our feet with some of our long relievers. Got some people work that needed to get work today. I thought (Michael) Gonzalez was really good today. They’ve been working on some things with him and really kind of came together for him today in the tough part of their lineup.”

More on Guthrie:
“I remember talking to every great pitcher I’ve had the great fortune of having. They’ll tell you out of 30-some starts, they’ll go out there maybe five times all year and feel like they’re carrying all of their bullets. And I think Jeremy was challenged even more in that today. This guy spent a couple nights in the hospital. It’s a grind sport. You play every day and you’ve got to be able to turn the page on successes and failures and realize that people don’t really care about any challenges that you’re having injury-wise, and most of them are pretty happy that you’ve got them. It’s not for the weak of heart.”

On the upcoming roster move:
“We’re going to see. We’ve got two options for Wednesday. We know (Chris) Tillman’s more than likely going to pitch Tuesday unless something changes drastically on our off-day for some reason. And we’re going to pitch (Jake) Arrieta the third game in New York. First time Zach (Britton) has been that many innings and that deep in a game. We’re going to be careful there. And then we still have a decision to make on the second day in New York, but we’ve got two options that we’re considering. We wanted to see how we came through today. We talked to one of those options today and prepared for the other one. Really, if you push Jak (Chris Jakubauskas) on three days’, which is not a real huge push, or you take somebody from Triple-A or you bring somebody back because of DLing (J.J.) Hardy.”

On what Orioles expect to find on Hardy’s MRI:
“Obviously, MRIs, as many as they’ve done in baseball, it’s hard to get one on Sunday, so I think what we’ll find out tomorrow that we don’t know now is the severity of it, and we hope it’s not the intercostal. We hope he’ll make it back within that period. I think we’ll be able to answer tomorrow what length we’re dealing with. Another reason why Andy (MacPhail) and everybody wanted to sign Izzy (Cesar Izturis), and obviously Robert (Andino) has played well at shortstop.”

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