Scott: “It’s disappointing and a tough pill to swallow”

Luke Scott will continue to play through the pain in his right shoulder, as he’s done since the beginning of the season, and as he’s done since it intensified over the last three weeks.

An MRI taken earlier today revealed a tear in Scott’s right labrum, but he won’t go on the disabled list. He’ll just deal with it.

The tear doesn’t affect Scott’s swing, but he notices it when he makes throws from the outfield.

“It’s disappointing and a tough pill to swallow,” he said. “The question now is, what are my options? Do I get upset and let it bring me down, or do I take a positive attitude and rely on my faith in the Lord?

“I’ve had miracle healings before, a couple of times, and there’s no reason why it can’t happen again. I’ll just pray every day with my family and friends and loved ones, and deal with it the best I can. I’ll continue to do my rehab exercises and receive treatment.”

Surgery isn’t being considered until perhaps after the season.

“I do feel like I’ll be able to manage it through the season,” he said. “I’ve been doing that since the beginning and especially the last three weeks. It’s really been bothering me, but I’ll just grit my teeth and press through it.”

Scott said postseason surgery is “very possible.”

“Toward the end of the season, I’ll take another analysis and make a decision,” he said.

Scott will sit down tomorrow with team orthopedist Dr. John Wilckens and head athletic trainer Richie Bancells.

“I’ll have more information tomorrow,” Scott said. “We’ll go through the fine details and what I’ll need to do.”

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