Wieters not catching on with voters (updated)

Nick Markakis flied to center field in his first professional at-bat as a first baseman.

Matt Wieters struck out in his first at-bat this season as the cleanup hitter.

That’s it, trash the experiments immediately.

Oh wait, Markakis just scooped out a throw in the dirt to complete a double play. Keep him there.

Wieters is hitting fourth in his fourth major league game. He’s 1-for-13 with a walk and 2 RBIs.

Major League Baseball released its All-Star voting for the American League, and you won’t find Wieters in the Top Five.

1. Russell Martin Yankees 843,459
2. Joe Mauer Twins 593,949
3. Alex Avila Tigers 407,463
4. Carlos Santana Indians 395,892
5. Yorvit Torrealba Rangers 337,737

Mauer has played in nine games this season. Reputation means a lot in the voting, as you already figured out many years ago.

None of the Orioles appear in the top five at any position.

Updated: J.J. Hardy just homered off Mariners rookie Michael Pineda for the second time in three at-bats this season.

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