Showalter speaks after 15-10 loss

The Red Sox got into Baltimore around 6 a.m. this morning.

Shouldn’t they be more tired than this?

Where did they find the energy to go for the two-point conversion?

The Orioles scored 10 runs tonight, and they still came up five short. They also used five relievers who combined to allow nine runs. Jason Berken wasn’t charged with a run, but he gave up a hit to the only batter he faced.

The less said about this game, the better, but here’s a sampling from manager Buck Showalter.

Buck Showalter speaks to the media after Monday’s tough 15-10 loss to the Red Sox

Asked if he felt hamstrung because of his bullpen situation, Showalter said, “I thought Troy (Patton) took advantage of the opportunity that he was given tonight and threw the ball well. You can see why he was having a good year down there. It is what it is. I’m sure they would have loved to have (David) Ortiz there tonight. It’s part of the situation and you deal with it the best you can. We couldn’t get (Jacoby) Ellsbury out. That was a big out. A lot of people failed to get that part of their lineup out this year. Seems like us more than most.”

The bullpen might be in a little bit better shape tomorrow.

“We’ve got Berken,” Showalter said. “I know Jak (Chris Jakubauskas) can pitch again. We’ll see if (Mark) Hendrickson can come back. Mark and Koji (Uehara) had some rest tonight. Length-wise, probably a little challenge, but we have some people available. I think (Alfredo) Simon is on his way back, from what I understand. You all may know more than I do. We’ll talk about it a little bit. I think we should be OK, getting Koji and J.J. (Jim Johnson) back. But we’ll see.”

It’s not easy to score 10 runs and lose, but the Orioles did it.

“(Tim) Wakefield’s been a valuable piece for them for a long time and tonight he gave them some innings, but we took the lead again,” Showalter said. “I thought Nolan (Reimold) had a big knock there. We scored some runs to get it back to 15-10. A couple guys on, we might have taken a roll at them in the ninth, but they pitched a little bit better than we did tonight.”

Down on the farm, Luke Scott went 1-for-4 with a single and two strikeouts with Double-A Bowie. He was removed for a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning, which seems odd to me.

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