Taking the right Angle (updated)

I haven’t changed my opinion that Matt Angle doesn’t hit for enough power to be the regular left fielder next season, but I’ll tip my cap to him after his leadoff home run tonight.

I don’t wear caps, but I’ll purchase one for the sole purpose of tipping it.

Angle had four homers in 424 at-bats at Triple-A Norfolk this summer. He hadn’t hit one in the majors in his first 69 at-bats. And he chose 24-game winner Justin Verlander to be his first victim.

Don’t try to make sense of it.

Mark Reynolds hitting a bomb in the third inning seemed more appropriate. He’s got 37 homers. He’s hit five in the last seven games. That’s what he does. But Matt Angle?

You had to love it. It’s like the days when Mark Belanger would get hold of one.

Verlander has retired the side in order in three consecutive innings, and the Orioles are clinging to a 5-3 lead in the bottom of the sixth.

Instant update: Make it 5-4. Miguel Cabrera lined a home run to left in the bottom of the sixth.

Jeremy Guthrie has allowed four runs since the Orioles handed him a 5-0 lead.

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