Adair’s role to be determined

Manager Buck Showalter will likely remain in Baltimore through the weekend while trying to speed up the process of interviewing candidates for general manager/president of baseball operations and making a hire.

This thing can’t drag out much longer.

Showalter wants the coaching staff to become more settled by the weekend. We might not learn every name, but we could find out if anyone is leaving.

The Orioles need a bullpen coach after Rick Adair replaced Mark Connor as pitching coach on June 14. They could have used a revolving door.

Adair’s replacements, just off the top of my head, included Terry Crowley, Don Werner, Bobby Dickerson, Mike Bordick and Scott McGregor.

Didn’t Alan Dunn make a brief appearance before leaving for LSU?

Anyway, it’s possible that Adair moves back to his old role and the Orioles bring in a new pitching coach. From what I’ve been told, it’s not set in stone that Adair remains in his current capacity.

You can look at him as the coaching staff’s version of Mark Reynolds or Chris Davis. He can move to a different position, depending on other moves that are made.

At this point, I would be surprised if hitting coach Jim Presley, bench coach John Russell and first base coach Wayne Kirby aren’t retained. But again, it’s not set in stone.

A few other notes:

It appears the Joe Jordan received a two-year contract from the Phillies to serve as their director of player development. The Orioles probably would have given Jordan a one-year deal to stay in the organization.

The Orioles have a few internal candidates in mind to replace Jordan, including national crosschecker Ron Hopkins - formerly the Rangers’ scouting director - but they want to hire their new GM first and let him make the decision.

Here’s an intriguing candidate: Regional crosschecker Dean Albany, who last month was given the organization’s Jim Russo Scout of the Year Award.

The new GM also needs to be in place before the Orioles make a decision on John Stockstill, who currently serves as director of player development. As I wrote last night, Stockstill is under contract for 2012, but he could be reassigned again.

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