Quick coaching update

The Orioles are hoping to announce their coaching staff next week. That’s the goal. It’s not going to happen over the weekend, so don’t plan your days and nights around it.

They’re still open to the possibility of moving Wayne Kirby to third base and hiring a new first base coach.

According to one member of the organization, the ideal staff would include a Latin American coach at third base who also could work with the infielders - that’s a prime reason why the Orioles wanted Juan Samuel to return last winter - but it’s not a requirement. And finding that individual has proven to be a challenge.

Anyone coaching third base will need to have previous experience, even if it’s only in the minors. No one will be thrown into the box cold turkey.

Kirby coached third base in the minors, so he’d qualify.

There’s a slight possibility that the Orioles will hire one of their rotating bullpen coaches from last year, and former pitcher Scott McGregor is being considered for the job. I’m not saying he’s a leading candidate. Hence, the term “slight possibility.” But he hasn’t been eliminated from consideration.

It doesn’t appear that the Orioles will promote Triple-A pitching coach Mike Griffin, preferring to keep him in his current role and not disrupt his work with the young starters. Again, things can change, but he’s not viewed as a candidate at this point.

I get the sense that Rick Adair will remain as pitching coach, which means the Orioles need a bullpen coach and either a first or third base coach.

That’s your recap.

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