Showalter talks about Matusz, Roberts, Robinson and more

SARASOTA, Fla. - Here are some highlights from Orioles manager Buck Showalter’s postgame session with the media:

On Brian Matusz:
“Good. Aggressive, attacked the zone. Got a big double play ball. I thought he threw the ball well. All our guys pitched well.”

On Zach Clark:
“I can see why people like Zach Clark so much. He’s got an idea. He’s a baseball player who happens to be a pitcher.”

On Brian Roberts getting two doubles:
“He’s done that before. He can do that. He’s capable of it. He put some good swings on the ball today. Brian’s going to be as good as he’s capable of being for us this year. We’ll see. He’s got all the other part of it in place. He’s getting there. I’m not going to get too over the top with the playing time, but he wants to. You can see how engaged he is. And it’s exciting for him to get out there with his teammates, especially with that group he’s played with for a couple games, really four games counting intrasquad. We’ve got a long way to go.”

On club being 3-0:
“It’s way too early. You don’t want to say one thing to them and all of a sudden start judging every nook and cranny. But there are some things I’ve been happy with. The outfield play has been really good and we’ve pitched pretty well so far. You do that, you’ve got a chance in spring training early on. The arms are usually ahead of the hitters a little bit. So far, so good.”

On Trayvon Robinson:
“Tray’s playing with a lot of energy. It’s one thing to be able to say something about, you’re going to get a chance, but having some of what’s gone on here the last two years, and especially last year, guys know. They talk. Players talk all through baseball about where the opportunities are. He knows. He got here in big league camp and he’s going to get a chance, and so far he’s taking advantage of it. He stole second base on like a 1.15 to the plate. That’s hard to do.”

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