Showalter speaks after 5-3 win

NEW YORK - Here’s a sampling of manager Buck Showalter’s comments following today’s 5-3 Orioles win over the New York Yankees.

On Jason Hammel:

“He was pretty good. His command was good. He threw a lot of strikes, threw enough breaking balls, got some big outs when he needed it, like you always say. He made the lead matter. He got it over to our bullpen. They did a great job and Ham was the difference-maker today. You’ve got to have a quality start. He continues to keep our bullpen in a position where they can do what they do. We get deep in the game like we did the last two nights, it keeps everybody healthy and in a position to do what they do.”

On Hammel escaping jams:

“Ham’s a tough character. He likes to compete, and when he gets himself in a tight spot, I thought he reached back for one of his better fastballs that last inning. I think he knew he was nearing the end. He wasn’t saving his bullets.”

On production from J.J. Hardy, Ryan Flaherty and Nolan Reimold at the bottom of the order:

“It’s good. It’s not something you have to have, but Nolan’s capable of hitting high in the order. I think Ryan’s capable of that, and J.J.’s done it before. You trust their track records, especially J.J., and know that there are good things to come down the road.”

On the bullpen picking up where it left off last season:

“I don’t think anybody thinks of it like that. It’s not a script that just follows. You’ve got to earn everything you get and what somebody did last year and what somebody did last outing, nobody’s resting on it. You realize how hard it is to do. They’re putting themselves in a position to do it again because they prepared for it. They don’t take anything for granted.”

On the Orioles’ rebound wins after tough losses:

“It’s been kind of characteristic of this team. They don’t dwell on past streaks, good or bad. Turn the page. I can look at highlights tonight. I wasn’t going to last night. That’s one of the characteristics of our club. If it’s good, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again tomorrow, and if it’s bad, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again tomorrow, too. O.K., that worked out or it didn’t. We have another nine innings to grind out.”

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