Game delayed in sixth with Orioles leading 4-2 (updated)

Finally, the umpires have decided that conditions aren’t conducive to playing baseball.

Holding a swim meet, perhaps, but not playing baseball.

Tonight’s game was halted at 8:46 p.m., with two outs in the sixth inning and the Orioles leading 4-2.

They picked the right time to rally.

Nate McLouth bunted for a hit leading off the inning and stole second, the 22nd base he’s swiped in 23 attempts this season and the 19th in a row. This is the first time, however, that he used the breaststroke.

Manny Machado lined a single into right field, and McLouth scored when the ball skipped past Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton was charged with an error, but he still smells 100 percent handsome.

Nick Markakis singled into left field and Adam Jones lifted a sacrifice fly to right field for his third RBI of the night.

The rain intensified to the point where the umpires would have been replaced by lifeguards in the top of the seventh. Now, we may not see the top of the seventh.

I can barely see the scoreboard right now.

Chris Davis hit into a fielder’s choice, making him 0-for-16, and the grounds crew was finally instructed to unroll the tarp.

If play doesn’t resume, the Orioles will be awarded a 4-2 victory.

Earlier, the grounds crew applied a drying compound to the infield, mound and batters box. Or as Freddy Garcia calls it, antiperspirant. It didn’t do much good. Players sliding into second base almost ended up in shallow left field.

Down on the farm, left-hander Zach Britton has allowed one run and four hits in six innings for Triple-A Norfolk, with two walks, five strikeouts and one home run. He’s thrown 100 pitches, 58 for strikes.

Britton has surrendered seven earned runs in his last 31 innings.

Speaking of pitching, I’ve been told that the Orioles have no interest in Jon Garland, released today by the Rockies - unless he wants to assist in pairing up the animals tonight.

Update: The game is expected to resume at 11 p.m.

Plate umpire Joe West walked around the infield with one member of the grounds crew before deciding that the field is playable. However, it’s taking bags and bags of the drying compound to soak up the water.

I’m not sure what they’re going to do with the small lake in right field besides stock it with trout.

Not Mike Trout.

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