Game update and more notes (Jones homers)

The Orioles were 0-for-2 with runners in scoring position after the first inning today, in case anyone is keeping track.

Manny Machado and Chris Davis walked with one out, but Adam Jones struck out and Nate McLouth flied to deep center.

McLouth had one plate appearance this season as the No. 5 hitter before today’s game.

The White Sox took a 1-0 lead in the top of the second inning on Conor Gillaspie’s one-out single and Dayan Viciedo’s RBI double.

Bud Norris, going for his career-high fifth consecutive win as a starter, had allowed only five runs in the second inning this season.

Norris has thrown 59 pitches in three innings.

Before the game, manager Buck Showalter talked about the minor league players who were honored with organizational awards, including outfielder Henry Urrutia and pitcher Mike Wright.

“One of the things that I always l look forward to are the game reports the next day, and those guys very seldom let me down,” Showalter said. “They give us something positive to feel about them. To see Hunter Harvey’s outings in Aberdeen, and Gaus (Kevin Gausman), you hear the things that he’s bringing. Dariel Alvarez. I can go and rattle them all off.

“Mike has really graduated, as evidenced by the attention he gets from other clubs. I think sometimes we lose sight how quickly this all happened. He’s not roster-eligible. He’s got a ways to work his way on it at some point. He was a really good draft. I was talking to Griff (Mike Griffin) about him. He saw him for that one game, and he talked to him here today. (Gary) Kendall, a lot of positives being said about him.

“The good news was that there was a lot of competition for those spots. I don’t think you can have a much better year than Caleb (Joseph) had and Gaus and Schoopie (Jonathan Schoop). I think Schoop played more games than Henry did before all was said and done. That was good.”

Asked to access the minor league system, Showalter said, “I feel good about where we are, especially with the influx of people who weren’t involved with the draft and some of the personnel that we have beating the bushes, so to speak. I’ve known Fred Ferreira forever, and there’s a young Dominican pitcher (Olelky Peralta) that we’re close on that everybody’s real excited about. Little things like that are cropping up a lot. Andy (MacPhail) did a lot of that, too.”

The Orioles have signed Peralta for $325,000.

“I like where we are,” Showalter continued. “I think we’re getting there as evidenced by some of the people we have to trade for (Scott) Feldman or (Bud) Norris or (Michael) Morse. I’m probably missing a couple. I try to keep in mind how these guys got here, and that’s through player development.

“We’d still like to have them, but we kind of like looking at Feldman and Norris.”

Showalter dismissed the possibility of Gausman making a start later this month, though the plans always can change.

“No. We’re right where we are,” Showalter said. “He was pretty stiff after his last outing. He was a two- or three-day off for me. He was unavailable the last couple of days. I want to be careful with him. He’s telling us a little differently. I hear and see enough where I want to be careful how we use that.

“I’m careful about yo-yoing young players like that, who haven’t done it. I don’t think it’s good business.”

Update: The Orioles fell behind 2-0 in the top of the fourth on ALejandro De Aza’s infield hit with the bases loaded and two outs, but Adam Jones homered leading off the bottom half.

Jones has 31 homers and 101 RBIs.

Norris has thrown 87 pitches in four innings. He’s allowed 24 runs in the fourth this season, most of any inning.

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