Notes and quotes before tonight’s game

The Orioles still need one more win to clinch the season series against the Red Sox for the second straight year, which hasn’t happened since 1991-92.

Adam Jones needs one more hit to tie his career high of 186 set last season.

The Orioles have recorded 200-plus home runs and 200-plus doubles for the second consecutive year. Prior to 2012, they had done it only three times in franchise history (1999, 1998 and 1996).

Earlier today, manager Buck Showalter talked about a few of his injured players and how he’s working with a short bench by expanded-roster standards. Let’s start with outfielder Michael Morse.

“His wrist ligament,” Showalter said. “He just kind of let us in on it.”

Asked when he found out, Showalter replied, “About three days ago. Three or four days ago.”

Jonathan Schoop showed up today with “multiple symptoms,” according to Showalter, “which makes them think there’s some things they need to check out structurally, back-related. Just try to rule every out before we get to the offseason. He’s scheduled to go to the (Arizona) Fall League.

“I know he’s had some problems there in the past. Like I said many times about injuries happen when guys are off-balance, he got off-balance with the rundown. Felt OK during the game but came in today pretty sore in different places.”

Manny Machado has a 2 p.m. flight Sunday and a Monday appointment scheduled with Dr. James Andrews in Gulf Breeze, Fla. to get a second opinion on his left knee.

“Hopefully, he’ll concur on everything and we can wait on those two or three weeks, four weeks, and take a look at it again.”

Kevin Gausman is still below his innings limit for the season. He may throw in the instructional league for a few days and make a couple of starts in the Arizona Fall League.

“We’ll see,” Showalter said. “We’re still thinking about it. Haven’t decided yet.”

Does he envision Gausman in the rotation next season?

“I hope he’s competing,” Showalter replied. “A lot of things have to shake out. I actually hope we’re so good, he can’t make it.”

Showalter rattled off the names of some pitchers who are out of minor league options next year, including Zach Britton and Brian Matusz.

“I hope they have the same path that (Chris) Tillman had when he was out of options,” Showalter said.

The list also includes Tommy Hunter, who wants to start, and Josh Stinson.

Showalter hasn’t dismissed the idea of Matusz returning to the rotation.

“I know he really, really wants to, and I know Tommy Hunter wants to,” Showalter said. “I wouldn’t close that door on anybody. The problem is, he’s done a nice job for us out of the bullpen, as Tommy has. Sometimes, that’s robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

“I’m not so smug that I say, ‘I think this is the only thing they can be,’” Showalter said. “The problem is they’ve been pretty good at it. It’s been a pretty good track record now of stuff against left- and right-handed hitters, but that could change. I’ve seen Brian and Tommy pitch good games as starters. I saw Brian pitch about as good a game as you can see pitched here when I first got here.”

Matusz and Hunter will be put on a starter’s schedule again in spring training, which makes it easy to go back to the bullpen if there’s no spot in the rotation.

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