Showalter speaks after 4-2 loss

Meeting with reporters following today’s 4-2 loss to the White Sox at Camden Yards, Orioles manager Buck Showalter explained what happened to pinch-runner Chris Dickerson on Brian Roberts’ pop up that turned into a game-ending double play.

“Stealing second, popped the ball up,” Showalter said. “Shortstop did a good job of, I think, a little deke there. I think he had the base stolen. He was certainly running well, trying to get in there. I think it was one of the few times (Addison Reed) was real long to the plate. Same as last night’s play. It’s just, didn’t locate the ball.”

Tough to do it?

“Depends,” Showalter said. “Most guys who aren’t base stealers can’t. I remember Rickey Henderson... the most prolific base stealers don’t (look for the ball). They think it slows them down. It’s where base coaches come in to play. You’re sure not going to get any help from middle infielders.

“There’s a lot of things obviously, as you all well know, that went on in that game.

Here’s more from Showalter:

On White Sox starter Andre Rienzo:
“Their guy pitched real well. Kind of knew that coming into this series, that was the one (thing) that... all their guys I like. Starting pitching is not their problem. You get a guy that you really don’t know much.. ... Threw a lot of cutters. He was down in the zone all day.”

On whether he will remember the series for all the runners left in scoring position:
“No, I won’t. You all can. I understand it’s one of the many stats that come out of a baseball game in a baseball season. I look at how well their guys, he, pitched. I think that was the difference. That’s just me personally. I just don’t think we did a whole lot. We didn’t have many opportunities against him today, but the ones we did, we didn’t cash in on.”

On Bud Norris’ issues:
“Command. Just a little bit. Very close to having a real clean outing, but he stayed engaged in the game and kept us engaged in the game. Didn’t let it get away from us. He had a lot of baserunners out there. They left a bunch of people out there, too, and have all series. But it’s not like we can just throw our hats out there and drive in runs and get a hit. I know it’s a pretty good sampling in a lot of people’s minds, but there’s going to be a lot of things that come and go over the course of a season. We need to get a little better at that, obviously.”

On winning three-of-four:
“Turn the page. We’ve got a very tough foe coming in here and tough behind that and behind that and behind that. That’s what this is. If somebody said three-out-of-four, would you take it? I don’t think we would have gotten involved in ratios and whatever you may call it. Every day is another challenge to getting closer. We crept back within a game. We’ll take another pop at it tomorrow. These guys have had quite a grind of long road trip, tough one, and come right in here and play night, night, day, day. I’m hoping they get home and put their feet up and are able to sleep in and rest up. Get as rested as you can expect this time of the year after this many games.”

On facing only division opponents for the rest of the season:
“That’s been on the schedule for a long time. That’s not like something they just presented to us all of a sudden. It was that way for us last year and the year before and the year before. It’s part of it. That’s why they play this interdivision late, really for the benefit of the fans, more than anything, I think, and that’s a good thing. You won’t have to do as much scoreboard watching as some people normally do. It will be right in front of you.”

Adam Jones continues to lead the American League with a .363 average in day games.

The Orioles confirmed that an intern from the NFL office phoned the press box Thursday night and inquired about the attendance at Camden Yards. The league was miffed that the Orioles didn’t move their game and allow the Ravens to open at home - ignoring all the factors that I’ve pointed out, including how they would have needed the approval of the White Sox and the players association, and how they got back to Baltimore at 3:30 a.m. that day, so playing in the morning was out of the question, and how the MLB office confirmed that the Orioles tried to work it out and it just couldn’t happen.

Anyway, it’s amusing that the NFL went to the trouble of having an intern phone the press box.

Today’s attendance: 32,042.

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