Orioles confirm Anderson hiring, more on Hardy and Wieters

The Orioles have announced the hiring of former Rangers coach Dave Anderson as minor league infield coordinator.

Anderson replaces Matt Martin, who held the job for one season and is no longer in the organization.

I wrote about Anderson this morning.

Quick recap: Anderson played on the Dodgers team that won the 1988 World Series over the Athletics. He’s managed in the minors, and he served as Rangers third base coach for four seasons and first base coach in 2013. The Rangers fired him Oct. 2.

Anderson, 53, also worked with the Rangers infielders.

The Orioles are thrilled to add Anderson and Jeff Manto, named minor league hitting coordinator on Nov. 5, to the organization. They were priorities as soon as the season ended.

Since the J.J. Hardy/Matt Wieters discussions will transfer to any blog entry today, which is fine, I’ll add here that I’ve contacted a few people in the organization who confirmed that the team isn’t actively shopping those players.

Are the Orioles willing to make a trade? Of course. Hardy and Wieters aren’t untouchable. But lots of names are discussed at the GM meetings. These are two that just happened to leak out as the Orioles search for another starter to slot behind Chris Tillman. And they do grab your attention.

My guess is we’ll be hitting on this topic again next month while I’m roaming the lobby at the Winter Meetings in Orlando.

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