Game 2 Orioles lineup vs. Yankees (quotes added)

Chris Davis is in the Orioles lineup for Game 2 of the doubleheader, but Adam Jones heads to the bench.

Joey Rickard is in center field, Jace Peterson is in left and Danny Valencia stays in right.

Trey Mancini joins Jones on the bench.

Thumbnail image for Sisco swinging white.jpgChance Sisco will catch Yefry Ramírez, as the Orioles go for the sweep over the Yankees.

For the Orioles
Tim Beckham 3B
Jonathan Schoop 2B
Manny Machado SS
Mark Trumbo DH
Chris Davis 1B
Danny Valencia RF
Jace Peterson LF
Joey Rickard CF
Chance Sisco C

Yefry Ramírez RHP

Manager Buck Showalter on Britton: “Zach was good, huh? Roger (McDowell) and I were talking in the dugout. That was Zach, that was good to see.”

Showalter on whether he figured Valencia was due: “Not necessarily. Sabathia has been tough on him because he’s got so many ways to get you out, so many weapons. He’s evolved into so many looks he gives you. Danny put a good swing. I thought we had a lot of patient at-bats. We talked about it before the game that you’re going to have to have some disciplined at-bats to get this guy. Fortunately, he wasn’t getting that pitch about a ball or so off the plate, so that was key for us.”

Showalter on needing that patient approach versus Sabathia: “In order to compete. He makes a living by using guys’ aggressiveness against them. It’s such a late recognition on the cutter. It’s a fastball for a long time. That’s why a guy like (Mariano) Rivera got away with it for years and years and years because the presentation is fastball until right at the end and then it’s enough to take the sting out of your bat. That’s why he’s got so much weak contact.”

More Showalter on Britton: “Very quietly, little by little, he’s getting there. You could tell by his body language he felt really good about his stuff. Caleb (Joseph) did a great job with him. You’ve got to have a really quality catching effort, especially in that situation. And to give Zach the confidence to throw that pitch. I thought Michael was really good in the eighth inning, too, and of course Mike Wright got some big outs for us.”

Showalter on Wright’s improvement: “Actually, his confidence level, his stuff, is a lot better. He feels a lot more confident attacking the strike zone. You guys, I’m sure, have seen his velocity spike up in the last probably month or so and it’s really given him a lot of confidence. His arm speed is better and he’s really attacking the strike zone a lot more. Guys are having to cheat to get to him, which brings that cutter in play a little bit more.”

Showalter on Yacabonis’ development as a starter: “It’s a progress. If you go back through it and see, sometimes his mislocation is actually in his favor because guys are looking out there and he throws it ... If you go back through it, there were a lot of missed locations, but he gave us what we needed to stay in the game and we’ll take that for what it is. He’s making progress as a first-year starter.”

Showalter on Britton’s arm strength: “What is it, 96 or 97 (mph)? He was as good as he’s ever been. If not that, even better, because he’s as fresh as they come. Not many relievers walking around as fresh as he is right now.”

Valencia on being 0-for-25: “It’s been tough. There’s no hiding that. I’ve had some tough luck. I’ve faced some good pitching, some bad approach in the last week, and to break out of it there and come through big with the home run there to put us ahead, it feels nice. Can’t deny that.

“I was trying to hit the ball in the air, honestly. I was just trying to hit a sacrifice fly and hopefully move the guy from second to third and score the guy who’s already at third.”

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