Andy MacPhail's take on pitching from years ago still holds true

Former Orioles executive Andy MacPhail said pitching was fragile and expensive, thus the "grow the arms" philosophy. Try to develop your own young and lower-salaried pitchers rather than overpay for those with another team. He was sure right about the expensive part. As of Friday, J.A. Happ is earning on average $12 million per season to pitch from 2016-18 for the Toronto Blue Jays. When ... read more

O's current group of players will need to improve for better 2016 season

There is so much discussion and speculation right now about what players the Orioles may look to sign and/or re-sign. We'll all wait to see how this offseason is going to play out for the team. But, especially with the starting pitching staff, next year's Orioles are also going to need better production from a few players to be a good team in 2016. When ... read more

MLB's next labor contract could address the schedule, roster size and more

There is labor peace in Major League Baseball. There was a time when that was not close to true, but now it is. Since April, 1995 there has been one work stoppage in the National Football League, two in the National Hockey League and three in the National Basketball Association. During that time span, there were none in MLB. The players and owners obviously don't ... read more

A few quick turkey day thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving, Birdland! I hope everyone has a healthy and happy day today with family and friends. Hope it is your best turkey day yet. I've said it here dozens of times, but what is one more? I'm very thankful for the great O's community we have here, and the wonderful debates and discussions daily about the Orioles. I appreciate every reader every day. Thanks ... read more

Pondering Zach Britton's future as Orioles' closer

It would appear almost a certainty that Orioles closer Zach Britton will return to the team in that role for the 2016 season. But there are some fans and readers who have wondered if Britton could help the team as a starting pitcher. Others wonder what he could bring back in a trade after seeing the Craig Kimbrel deal. On Nov. 13, the Red Sox ... read more

Some discussion on Adam Jones, J.J. Hardy and Darren O'Day

Pondering some questions today. They are about three key members of the 2015 Orioles, only two of whom we can be fairly certain will be on the 2016 team. Is there any reason to be concerned about Adam Jones?: He did hit .269, his lowest batting average since 2007, and produce his fewest doubles (25) and homers (27) since 2010 and 2011, respectively. But Jones ... read more

Orioles have a solid core group of players to build around

The hot stove season is about to really heat up and there is so much focus on potential additions to all teams. Which players can they add and how much better will that make them? There has been plenty of discussion about the Orioles and whether they can retain some of their own free agents. If not, which players might they pursue through trades and/or ... read more

In need of outfielders, will O's stay in house?

He became the 1,000th player in Orioles history when he made his debut with the club on Aug. 1. But now will he will be among the first to leave this offseason? What to do with free agent outfielder Gerardo Parra? The day before that debut, Parra was acquired from Milwaukee for Triple-A right-handed pitcher Zach Davies to help shore up the O's corner outfield. ... read more