MASN Alert: Watch Orioles' introduction of Mike Elias live on MASN at 11 a.m. on Monday

About that No. 1 draft pick ...

It is several months away. but another big decision that new Orioles executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias will have to make is which player to take with the No. 1 pick in the June 2019 First-Year Player Draft. For just the second time in Baltimore Orioles history, the club will have the top pick next June. That is since the draft began ... read more

Mike Elias should hit the ground running with a lot on his plate

New Orioles executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias will no doubt hit the ground running. He’ll be introduced to the Baltimore media at the Warehouse on Monday. Elias for now inherits several staff members already in place and some scouts likely already have contracts in place for the 2019 season. Other staff likely does as well. There is nothing wrong with this and ... read more

A new day: Mike Elias hiring made official by the Orioles

The Orioles made the expected announcement today, that Mike Elias will head up their baseball operations, and they made it clear that his leadership and vision will take this team through the rebuilding process. He is the top decision maker. Elias’ title is executive vice president and general manager. A club announcement states that “Elias will oversee all baseball operations for the club and have ... read more

One former Oriole endorses Joe Espada as manager

Not long after Mike Elias’ addition to head up Orioles baseball operations is made official, one of his first big moves will be choosing which manager he hires to succeed Buck Showalter. Would Elias consider someone from Houston? If he does, he could look to Astros bench coach Joe Espada, who has interviewed for multiple managing openings this year, including in Toronto. He’s been a ... read more

What they are saying about soon-to-be-Oriole Mike Elias

There is a lot to like about Mike Elias, who is expected to soon officially join the Orioles and head up the club’s baseball operations. He got his start in scouting in a sharp and smart St. Louis Cardinals organization. He worked closely in Houston with general manager Jeff Luhnow for perhaps the most progressive and forward-thinking organization in the majors. Elias saw Houston lose ... read more

Looking at the AL Cy Young race and a new GM report

I was not among the writers assigned to vote for the American League Cy Young Award this year, but that doesn’t keep me from having an opinion on who should win. First, a quick look at the three finalists. In alphabetical order they are Corey Kluber of Cleveland, Blake Snell of Tampa Bay and Justin Verlander of Houston. Kluber won the AL Cy Young in ... read more

A look at the 2018 rotation struggles and more

The Orioles rotation was bad - really bad - during the 2017 season. The team ERA for its starters was 5.70, was last in the American League and was the highest rotation ERA in Orioles history, which of course, began in 1954. While the rotation ERA was a tick better last year at 5.48, that still rated last in the AL, and a case could ... read more

Tanner Scott has been closing the gap between potential and performance

On a team that doesn’t feature many pitchers with either big strikeout totals or premium velocity, the Orioles have a young lefty that checks both boxes. Reliever Tanner Scott made some nice gains in the second half of the 2018 season and the vast potential the club felt was there all along started to present itself. He doesn’t yet have the stats to grab much ... read more