Not yet Tillman time

It’s looking like, for now, Jason Berken and Rich Hill will stay in the O’s rotation.

Will that be for just one more turn through or more, we don’t know.

Such was reported in a Baltimore Sun story earlier tonight. Moments ago on the MASN telecast, O’s president Andy MacPhail was asked about Chris Tillman.

“We haven’t finalized anything yet,” MacPhail said. “Most of the pitchers Tillman was with last year at Bowie are here like Berken, Bergesen and Hernandez. We should see Tillman this year, but I can’t say when.”

It appears the O’s have had a change of heart about pitching Tillman in the series next week vs. Kansas City. The O’s are insisting that Tillman’s outing last night where he gave up four runs over 3 2/3 innings is not the reason he is not being called up now.

Color me a little confused over this one. The O’s have two pitchers struggling badly and one pitching great at Triple-A, but are not yet ready to make the move, while telling us it will happen at some point.

What’s the hold up on Tillman? That we don’t know right now.

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