Reimold shutdown for season

O’s outfielder Nolan Reimold told reporters today in the O’s clubhouse that the pain and fraying of his left achilles tendon has reached the point where he can no longer play this season. He has been placed on the disabled list and will have surgery in Baltimore next Wednesday.

The rehab period should be three to four months.

“I hate to stop playing now, but this is probably the best decision,” Reimold said.

“I’ve played a long time on it and it just hasn’t been feeling that good lately. I never expected to get this many at bats in the big leagues this year. All in all, I’ve had a good year. Being 100 percent ready for next year is a big priority.”

Reimold batted .279-15-45 in 104 games. He ends the season on a six-game hitting streak.
Over his last 12 games, Reimold has batted .364.

Reimold, who went 1 for 3 with a walk last night, said the pain really began to flare up after Monday’s game vs. Tampa.

“After that game, it was killing me, so they gave me two days off. Came back and it’s still bothering me. You come to a point where you have to make a decision. This still gives me enough of a head start to be ready for next year.”

Reimold’s 2009 season began in Norfolk, where in 31 games, he hit .394-9-27. It ends with him being discussed as a Rookie of the Year candidate.

“That was exciting. Even being mentioned for that is exciting and it’s how you know you had a pretty good year.”

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