Some facts & overreactions, then some sanity

Fact: Kevin Millwood gave up six runs and didn’t survive the first inning Saturday vs. Detroit.

Overreaction: “I told you he was overrated.”

Sanity: After 13 years and 155 career wins, the man knows how to prep for a season. Wait until at least May to begin to worry.


Fact: The O’s lost Thursday, Friday and Sunday when they gave up ninth-inning runs.

OR: “This club can’t blow late leads. They need to learn how to win and losing these games in the ninth won’t help.”

Sanity: Since Will Ohman and Alfredo Simon gave it up in the ninth (then David Hernandez) and not Mike Gonzalez, take a deep breath and relax.

Fact: Ty Wigginton, Blake Davis, Jeff Salazar and Micheal Hernandez were in Saturday’s starting lineup.

OR: “What is Trembley thinking?”

Sanity: You’re kidding, right?

Fact: The O’s have told Nolan Reimold not to run full speed yet.

OR: “The O’s should put Reimold on the DL now.”

Sanity: If he can’t run 100 percent on April 6th they may have to do that. Check the calendar and take another deep breath.

Fact: Rhyne Hughes has hit three homers already in spring training.

OR: “Will he make the opening day roster? It’d be nice to have that pop on the bench.”

Sanity: Weren’t you the same guy who was questioning why he was on the 40-man roster a few weeks ago? Let’s see him with more than at least 10 at bats before we put him in the cleanup spot on opening day.

Fact: Josh Bell homered from both sides of the plate during the O’s first spring game.

OR: “Is there any talk of Bell starting the year at third and Tejada moving to short to get more offense in the lineup?”

Sanity: What part of Andy MacPhail saying Tejada will not play short when he was signed did you not get?

Fact: Kevin Millwood has an ERA of 81.00, Mike Gonzalez’s ERA is 9.00, and Miguel Tejada has already made an error at third base.

OR: “Great job Andrew. How can the apologists defend those stats?”

Sanity: Today, are you going by Paul, Dorian or O’s Hater One? I checked out your website, Looks good.

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