Does first to score win?

With Kevin Millwood facing Zack Greinke tonight, we could have a night where not a lot of runs are scored. Of course, usually when you think that the final will be 10-9.

MLB - ERA leaders since start of 2009:
2.27 - Zack Greinke
2.33 - Tim Lincecum
2.42 - Cris Carpenter
2.54 - Roy Halladay
2.60 - Adam Wainwright

Here is a stunning stat. Coming into tonight, Millwood and Greinke have combined to make 16 starts with just one win. Greinke is 1-4 and Millwood 0-4. It’s the deepest into a season Millwood has ever gone without picking up a win.

Then there is this stat. In seven career games, five starts vs. Baltimore, Greinke is 1-2, 6.52 and the Orioles have hit eight homers off him in 29 innings.

Lowest run support per 9 IP, AL:
2.18 - Kevin Millwood, 1st in league
3.25 - Zack Greinke, 5th in league

The Orioles are 3-1 in Millwood’s home starts this year while the Royals are 2-6 this season when Greinke is on the mound.

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