Can Millwood turn it around today?

Maybe the lack of run support has started to get him. Maybe he was carrying too heavy of an innings load. Or maybe there is no real explanation.

But on May 8th, Kevin Millwood’s ERA was 3.26 and it has been on a steady climb up to 4.64 now.

Millwood recently:
*An ERA of 8.31 over his last three starts.
*An ERA of 6.34 over his last six starts.

Millwood has won at least nine games over the last eight season, but that zero in the win column can’t be good for his outlook or confidence. If anyone can handle that will grace and professionalism, it’s him. Millwood has lost his last seven decisions, the longest skid of his career.

The O’s have scored just 40 runs in his 13 starts this year and just 21 runs while he was in the game.

I have a feeling he will pitch well today. But then again, I had a feeling the O’s might start to put some things together after Arrieta’s start the other night. This is not a good team to get a feeling about right now.

Unless it’s a bad one, I guess.

Update: Since I wrote this, he now trails 2-0 in the first. Being an honest guy, I won’t erase what I wrote.

Update 2: He just gave up his second homer, a three-run blast and trails 5-0 after six batters. The title of this blog should have been, can Millwood survive the first inning today. But then again, the offense might overcome this. Oh, nevermind.

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