It’s out of their control

When he was asked after the game last night about the lack of runs the Orioles have been scoring when he pitches, Brian Matusz could only say “you can’t control that.”

What other answer could he give really without throwing anyone under the bus and, to their credit, no O’s starter has even hinted at that this year.

But Matusz has seen the O’s score just 11 runs while he has been in the game over his last nine starts. He is working with almost no margin for error. Interim manager Juan Samuel was asked today what he could say to his starters when they are getting so little offense to work with.

“I think you guys have seen what’s going on with the offense. There is not much you can do, but encourage these guys to continue to do what they do. These are young guys that are learning, they are making adjustments and you see some progress from those guys.

“The offense is going to come, they just have to continue doing what they do.”

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