B-Rob on the win and his first game back

Brian Roberts is back and the Orioles won.

Jeremy Guthrie’s pitching and Luke Scott’s clutch homer had a lot to do with that, but Roberts was back on the field for the O’s for the first time since April 9th in their 3-2 win over Minnesota.

He went 0 for 4 with two ground outs, a strikeout and a line out to the outfield. He had a few routines plays in the field.

Here are his post-game comments.

How did it go?
“It was good, it was fun to be back out there, be with the guys and play the game. Get out there and have some fun.”

Any trepidation on your part?
“Just getting out and playing you had some jitters, almost like Opening Day. But no fear of injury or anything really, just happy to be back out there.”

Did you look to work counts at bat, since that is one thing the team has not been doing well?
“I swung when I had chances. A lot of times I get deeper in counts, but it’s not necessarily intentional. It’s not like I go up there thinking I’m going to see seven pitches. A lot of times that is just kind of how the at bat works out. A lot of times I only see one (pitch), but tonight was one of those where I saw a lot. Maybe that helps, maybe it doesn’t. I know Miggy said it helped him in one at bat. You know that’s good if it helps guys around me. But I’m not intentionally trying to see a certain number.”

You saw Luke Scott in Sarasota. Are you suprised he came back and is so hot at bat so quickly?
“Well, he was swinging the bat great when he left, I think, from what I remember following the team. Fifteen days isn’t crazy. I think this time of year, he probably came back refreshed and got a little break. But, he saw a few pitches down there (Sarasota). To be able to jump back in and do that, he’s swinging the bat great and locked in. When he is going good, he’s as dangerous as anybody out there.”

Did the team have some extra motivation with you back?
“I don’t think it was like a Rudy situation, or anything. But guys seemed happy to see me back
on the field. There are a lot of guys I really, really, love playing with here. Especially my infielders. I love playing with Izzy, Miggy and Wiggy. We have a good time out there and it was just good to be kind of one of the guys again.”

To clarify, did Tejada say he was watching you and taking something from a seven-pitch at bat?
“No, he saw a certain pitch in a certain count. Then he got the same one deeper in the count. He said that helped him a little bit.”

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