Troubling Bergy stat

Brad Bergesen allows five runs, all earned, over 5 1/3 innings today here at Camden Yards.

Bergesen has now allowed 4 ER or more in 11 of his 15 Major League starts on the season. He has allowed 4 ER or more in seven of his last eight starts.

Last year he allowed 4 ER or more in just five of his 19 starts all season. So it happened in 26.3 percent of his starts in 2009 and has happened in 73.3 percent of his starts this year.

Of course it makes one wonder if this is just more than a pitcher trying to find his arm slot and his sinker and consistent mechanics. It makes you wonder if the AL hitters have figured him out and that it is just going to be tough for him to have the success he had last year.

He said after his last start that he felt “close” to finding what he needs, to get hitters out consistently. But the results are just not there for him this year.

It’s too soon to say he cannot be a part of this team’s future pitching staff, just like it was too soon to anoint him as a top of the rotation starter after last year’s success.

Maybe the league has adjusted to him and he needs to find a way or a pitch or something to adjust back.

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