Wiggy reacts to his suspension

Ty Wigginton had a two-word response when asked today about getting a three-game suspension and fine for allegedly bumping umpire Gary Darling in last night’s game.

“Shock. Surprised,” he said.

Wigginton got the news just before reporters were allowed in the clubhouse. He said he was told the suspension was handed down because it was ruled that he did bump Darling.

“Yep, yep (that is why I got suspended). It wasn’t like a definite bump. I feel like if I bump somebody there, that they move back. I know I got as close as you could and you can’t bump an umpire. If I did and didn’t realize it, my bad.

“But I think it was more of a brush, if anything. I know my jersey, I got as close as I could trying to make my point and it is what it is.”

Darling said after the game last night that he got the call wrong on the tag play at first base in the top of the seventh.

“We looked at it, he missed him the first time and on a close play, he got him the second time it looked like,” Darling said.
Wigginton has appealed the suspension and can continue to play until his appeal is heard. He is not sure what happens while he waits for that.

“I really don’t know, I’ve never been suspended. It’s only my second ejection that I can remember. The other one I got a little fine and it was over with. This is the first there’s been anything else.”

Wigginton was asked about if a basis for his appeal will be the fact the umpire missed the call, and, if he hadn’t, there would have never been an argument.

“I won’t look at it that far. The way I look at it, I got thrown out of the game and they chose to suspend me. Umpires miss calls, infielders are going to boot ground balls, it’s part of baseball. I had the option of arguing and he has the option of throwing me out of the game.”

Wigginton also got fined and was asked about the amount of that fine.

“I’d have to check again, but more than I was expecting.”

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