Buck on Bell

While Josh Bell is batting just .232 in 21 Oriole games, for the first time as a Major Leaguer, he’s putting together what might be the makings of a hot stretch at the plate.

Bell in 2010 with the O’s:
First 15 games: 8 for 48 with 19 strikeouts
Last 6 games: 8 for 21 with 7 strikeouts

Bell went 2 for 3 with his third big league double last night and his third multi-hit game.

Is manager Buck Showalter starting to see Bell settle in some, get more comfortable and let his talents show?

“Little bit. It’s like one day, he looks a little out of step, or there’s a little different look in his eye, then you see a good look. That’s part of being 23 years old, in a lot of cases that’s just a year and a half out of college. We’re excited he’s doing the things he’s doing now.

“There’s a process there and if you try and cheat that process, you’re going to get burned. He’s had some good at bats and is starting to adjust his clock a little bit defensively, about when he needs to hurry and when he doesn’t.

“He’s got such really good arm strength, you know he can match up with just anybody in arm strength over there. One thing young players really struggle with when they come up is that defensive clock. When they’ve got to hurry and when they can slow down. It’s unknown that makes them uncomfortable.

“So far, so good. I know Crow is excited that some of the things they are working on, are starting to show up here and there in the game.”

Overall, Bell is batting .232-0-4 with 16 hits in 69 at bats. He has fanned 26 times and walked just once. A rather poor ratio, but he does look a little more comfortable out there now and has some stats to show for it in recent days.

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