Lugo on his start in left

Partially due to an effort to stack his lineup with right-handed bats vs. Rangers lefty C.J Wilson, Buck Showalter is starting Julio Lugo in left field tonight vs. Texas.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been out there,” Lugo said.

He played as a reserve in the outfield in 2008 with Boston, but you have to go back to 2006 when he was a Dodger for a Lugo start in the outfield.

Tonight will be just his 7th career outfield start.

“He’s the boss. I’ll do whatever he says. I’m open to it. We take fly balls and shag some out there in BP.

“I like to play, I don’t care where,” he said.

During an interview, Lugo got a glove from Luke Scott which he may well use out there tonight.

By the way, Wilson has a batting average against of just .106 vs. left-handed hitters this year to lead the Majors. He has given up just 12 hits and only three for extra-bases (all doubles) over 113 at bats. So the O’s have eight that can hit right-handed along with Nick Markakis in the lineup tonight.

With all the talk about defense, Lugo said it also can be a challenge for a reserve to try and stay sharp at bat when you have to come off the bench.

“That’s tough, it doesn’t matter how much BP you take, you’ve gotta play to stay sharp, no matter what. You just have to stay sharp mentally and physically and try to do your best out there.”

Lugo was asked what might be the toughest part for him tonight when playing left field.

“Wherever they hit it over there, it will be tough. But I’ll work it out,” he said.

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