Wigginton on Showalter’s talk with the team

During a pre-game interview with reporters, that word accountability came up again with Ty Wigginton.

He was asked if that was a part of Buck Showalter’s message to the players and if it is needed on this team.

“I think so. I know, every time I step out on the baseball field, I want to be accountable for my actions. Whether it’s an error or a positive. I think that’s the whole key to helping yourself get better as a Major League player.”

Wigginton agreed that one thing Showalter already has with his new players is credibility.

“Absolutely. Everything he’s accomplished in this game speaks for itself and I’m sure all the players are well aware of that.”

Wigginton’s answers didn’t reveal much about Showalter’s meeting with the team.

“It was really quick. I’m sure as the season rolls along, we’ll figure this whole thing out. But we are going to go out and play hard and enjoy it.”

He said a manager can have a major impact on his team.

“A lot. It’s his job to put the players in the position to succeed and I’m pretty sure he will do that.

“Just getting that bond, everyone getting on the same page. Knowing what to expect. As a player, the more you play for a manger, all the sudden you realize it’s a 1-1 count, man on first, this could be a possible hit and run. Knowing your manager that way makes it easier for a player when you get a feel for how he likes to do things. That comfort level can be there.”

This is the third manager the team has had during this season, but this time the new guy could be around for a while.

“It could be huge,” Wigginton said. “We no longer have to worry about the question of ‘do you think so and so is going to be here next week.’ Let’s just focus on the baseball and have fun doing it.”

Wigginton was asked about the upcoming schedule. It includes games soon with Tampa, the White Sox and Texas, all clubs currently in first place, but six games with the Angels, who are over .500. Then there is the brutal September run through the AL East.

“Everybody makes a big deal out of that. When you play in the AL East, you have an AL East schedule. You have the same one as everyone else in the East. Let’s go play. That would be using it as an excuse for us. Just go out and play.”

On another note, Wigginton said he was surprised the non-waiver trade deadline came and passed and he is still an Oriole.

“The beginning of the year you come out and you’re playing for the O’s. Unless someone taps you on the shoulder, that’s when you find out you were traded. I’m here and I’m happy to be here.”

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