Buck ball = lots of winning

The Orioles have been so good since Buck Showalter took over that, even after starting the second half with a record of 3-14, they now have a winning record since the All-Star break at 32-31.

They are 29-17 in 46 games under Buck. They could lose their last 11 games at this point and still finish over .500 since he took over on August 3rd.

That seems amazing to me. There were so many times in recent seasons we just hoped to see the O’s play .500 ball for a 10 or 20-game stretch. It didn’t happen often at all. Now they could go 0-11 and still be over .500 for what will turn out to be a 57-game stretch.

They are playing .630 ball under Buck. No team in the Majors currently has a winning percentage for the season of .630 and, in fact just two teams, the Yankees and Twins, are even over .600 for the year.

The O’s current pace computes to 102 wins over the full season.

By the way, if you missed it when Buck was interviewed on the Scott Garceau show today on MASN and 105.7 FM the Fan, he said the highlight of last night’s game was Adam Jones’ hustle on the pop up that dropped in the O’s sixth inning.

While Felix Pie wound up only on first base, Jones hustled all the way around the bases as he scored the game’s first run from first base.

Yes, we shouldn’t overly praise a player for hustling, but watch how many players run, or should I say trot at times, when they hit a routine flyout or grounder. It happens on all teams, believe me, I note it just about every night I watch the games at Camden Yards.

A-Rod was particularly dragging on the bases when he hit balls that he was certain were outs during the recent O’s-Yankees series.

Jones ran hard and his team scored a crucial run because of it. His manager enjoyed the hustle and as he said, you can run hard on those plays all year and only once or twice, if that, will it pay off.

This time it did.

By the way, in which inning will Ty Wigginton drive in the winning run tonight?

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