No injury for Hernandez

Well, it turns out that when David Hernandez was seen grabbing at his right elbow after being taken out of the game in Detroit Sunday, he was just doing that.

He was not reaching for his elbow because it was sore or hurt in any way.

“Everything is fine. My wife told me she saw me do that and she asked too.”

Hernandez is finally back with the Orioles after going on the DL August 5th with a sprained left ankle. He pitched twice in Detroit, but said he doesn’t feel completely back to form just yet.

“The rehab stints are a little different from pitching up here but I’m hoping a couple of more outings and I’ll be more fine tuned.

“I feel like my slider was a little flat, but I feel like my velocity is there. My arm feels good. Just a matter of being able to command those pitches. Being gone for so long, I’ve kind of lost some command with the normal every day activity you do.”

Hernandez said he is not feeling any lingering effects from his ankle injury.

“Not so much, though overnight it can get stiff. But I come here and get in the hot tub and tape it up and it’s ready to go.”

After making 27 O’s starts over the last two years, the right-hander moved to the bullpen in May and figures he may stay there next year too.

“At this point, I think this is where I am going to be. Our starters are doing fine. Hopefully I’ve found a home here.”

Hernandez in 2010:
As a starter: 1-5, 5.31 in 8 games, .254 average against.
As a reliever: 5-3, 3.72 in 27 games, .247 average against.

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