Wondering about Wieters

Matt Wieters looked poised for a big finish to this season, but, just as quickly, his bat has trailed off again.

In the first half of September, Wieters was batting .395,-1-9 with four doubles, but since mid-September, he is just 2 for 22 at bat.

There doesn’t seem to be any explanation for it outside of the usual ups and downs of the game. Wieters said he was feeling strong and was really starting to drive the ball and then it all seemed to go away.

To some fans who expected him to be an instant star, Wieters is a disappointment. He was hyped beyond belief by everyone in baseball and there was no way to temper the expectations for him - and that did not make his job as a big leaguer any easier.

Wieters in 2009: .288-9-43...354 at bats...412 slugging...752 OPS.
Wieters in 2010: .251-11-54....426 at bats...383 slugging...706 OPS.

While Wieters has made some strides on defense this year, his bat has not taken a step forward. He is batting just .204 vs. lefties after hitting .248 vs. left-handers last season.

People around the game seem to feel that Wieters will be a good hitter and maybe a future All-Star. Like any young player, it takes time. I concur with that and don’t have any real concerns about him.

That said, you would expect and hope he takes a step forward at bat next year. He has shown flashes, and everyone can see the talent that is there.

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