Best catch and best sight of the day

The best play of today was that catch by Adam Jones in the Seattle fourth. Running full go with his back to the plate, he reached out to rob Miguel Olivo just as he got to the wall. He had to take his eyes off the ball at the last moment, and I’m not sure how he could see the ball enough to get it in his glove, but he did, with a remarkable running catch.

That might be the best catch I’ve ever seen Jones make, and that is saying something. Between his arm this year and his glove, his play on defense might be the best we’ve ever seen from him. Sure, he has made an error or two this year, muffing a grounder one time I remember, but he has also made several plays that many center fielders would not.


Jones is having an All-Star caliber year.

Best sight of today? Seeing Brian Matusz back on a major league mound. When I saw him in Bowie, his velocity was off a tick or two and it may be today as well.

But Matusz is not a power pitcher and relies much more on an excellent four-pitch assortment than he does on raw velocity. Just seeing him healthy, smiling and pitching free and easy has to be a welcome sight to any O’s fan, current losing streak or not.

I have said all along I’d like to see what this team can do with Matusz and its rotation intact. That day has come. Let’s see if they can put some wins together this month.

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