Joe Jordan talks about the Dylan Bundy negotiations (first pitch at 8:10)

Update: Tonight’s Orioles-Rays game has been delayed due to rain. No word on official start time.

Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan said today he has not begun contract negotiations yet with top pick, pitcher Dylan Bundy. But he will have dinner with the Bundy family next week and the process should begin soon.

Jordan has heard and seen the reports about Bundy seeking $30 million. He knows that won’t happen and that in the end the player won’t get anywhere close to that.

“He is a very special talent, as was the shortstop we took last year, taken third, not fourth overall. We went through the excercise with his representative and felt good about the fact that we signed him where we signed him. But none of that means anything to me now.

“The club will always decide what the bonus is going to be. There is no one in this business better than the guy representing Manny Machado last year.

“I don’t look to set any records, I don’t expect to. Expectations on their side are pretty good right now, but that’s okay. We’ll work through it and see where it goes,” Jordan said.

Again today, he sounded quite confident that he will get Bundy signed. But he didn’t sound confident that it will happen quickly or even much before the mid-August deadline.

“I don’t think it’s totally impossible for that to happen, but we haven’t done anything on that yet. I will have dinner with him and his family next week. I think he is coming to this area to visit his brother for a while at some point in time. We’ll give it a little time and then lay the groundwork to get things going. Hopefully it won’t take as long, but it will take awhile,” Jordan said.

Jordan said several players and their representatives have floated big contact demand numbers this year.

“It doesn’t have any impact at all. They’ve all got the same playbook this year. If you could have heard some of the numbers, it wasn’t just our guy. The numbers are all inflated now and we’ll have to wait to August to see where they all come in. It’s not real, it’s not relevant, they know it and we know it. It’s how the game is played I guess,” Jordan said.

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