Gregg and Gonzalez talk about their suspensions

Orioles pitchers Kevin Gregg and Michael Gonzalez are appealing their suspensions handed down today by Major League Baseball for their actions in the Boston series.

Gregg was suspended for four games with the suspension scheduled to begin today. Gonzalez was suspended for three games, which was scheduled to begin on Monday, the day the O’s begin a series with Boston.

Kevin Gregg and Mike Gonzalez talk about the suspensions they received from MLB

“They handed down the suspension today, I appealed it and we’ll let the process take its course,” Gregg said in the Orioles clubhouse this afternoon. “I don’t agree with it and that’s why I am appealing it. I’ll be available tonight.”

Gregg was asked why he thought a suspension for him was not justified.

“I played the game. I pitched inside and got him out and then I defended myself when he (David Ortiz) came across out to the mound,” Gregg said. “Words are exchanged. People say I was yelling at him, well, he was yelling at me. It happens a lot in this game. To think anything of exchanging words with a player is ludicrous.”

Gregg said he got a four-game suspension in 2006 that he did not appeal then because he had pitched five innings the game before and would be unavailable for the next several days then anyway.

Gonzalez also did not agree with his suspension.

“I think they need to go back and go through the whole series, as opposed to one game and see how everything fell into place,” Gonzalez said.

“They gave the warnings but I felt the warnings we’re given a little early. With (Jeremy) Guthrie throwing a changeup and hitting a guy, they need to go with the flow of the game and I don’t think that was done.”

He said he was not sure when his appeal would be heard. He also admitted that while he may not get all three games dismissed on appeal, he also hopes there is a chance his suspension gets reduced.

“Of course, it’s three games and $1,500 dollars,” Gonzalez said. “You want to get it reduced as much as possible and you want to go out and play. Hopefully they do reduce it, maybe one game or so.”

He was asked if the pitchers were under pressure in the Boston series with all the hit batters and ejections as that series went on.

“It was frustrating. They lead the league in batters hit and a few of those seemed like they were intentional. They are hitting our star guys and you get frustrated as a pitcher. Those are our guys, it’s kind of a family thing and yeah, anyone is going to be pretty mad about it,” Gonzalez said.

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