A few random thoughts

A couple of random thoughts while pondering another poor night for Brian Matusz. Hard to believe what we saw from him this time last year and contrast that with how he is pitching now.

* Chris Davis has some impressive power. He has hit some balls to left field lately that really show his strength. A scout mentioned to me how impressed he is with Davis’ power potential. As it stands now, I can clearly see Davis as an everyday player on next year’s team.

I hope his recent DL trip due to his right shoulder is behind him and that we won’t be holding our breath to see if that shoulder holds up over the long season.

* If Felix Pie could serve as a fourth outfielder on the team this year, Matt Angle could certainly fill that role next year. Angle is already better than Pie defensively and way ahead of Pie as a base stealer. Plus, he actually enjoys bunting and uses it as an offensive weapon. Imagine that.

* Troy Patton finally got his chance to pitch for the Orioles and is showing what he can do. I don’t know why it took so long for Patton to get a chance, but at least he did and it now seems that Buck Showalter has confidence in him.

Patton won’t light up any radar guns, but he seems to be smart out there, really knows how to work hitters and is clearly mentally tough.

* It’s been said before, but worth repeating: J.J. Hardy is one heckuva defensive player. The play he made up the middle in the last of the ninth in Game 1yesterday is one we’ve come to take for granted.

On a lot of teams, that ball gets through and Fenway starts rocking as they try to rally in the ninth. Hardy reminds me of Mike Bordick on defense. He seems to make every play look easy and is always in the game mentally.

Oh, yeah. And he’s hit 28 homers and he missed a month. Signing him to a new contract was one of the best moves this year by the Orioles.

* Finally, I hope the Orioles make some announcements soon about who is running this team. The fans deserve to know, not to mention the rest of the industry. If Andy MacPhail is leaving or moving into another role, isn’t it time to tell us all about it? The Orioles need to hit the ground running for 2012 the minute the last out of this year is recorded. If changes are coming, shouldn’t they be making them already?

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