Any room left on the Britton bandwagon?

Just about a month ago, some Orioles fans were jumping off the Zach Britton bandwagon. Now some of the same fans are probably looking to get back on.

Britton began this year pitching very well and now it seems he is ending his season in the same fashion.

Thanks to that seventh-inning rally Friday night, the Orioles’ young gun lefty outdueled one of the top young lefties in the game in David Price.

I know some fans jumped off the Britton bandwagon because I heard them do so in recent weeks when I hosted a talk show on 105.7 FM in Baltimore. Some jumped off in full throat.

Britton gave up 13 earned runs over just one inning when he was knocked out of the first inning in back-to-back starts at Boston and New York.

Some wondered if he had been overhyped or was just another young O’s pitcher not living up to expectations.

But sometimes they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Britton seems to have emerged from those beatings, two trips to the minors and a trip to the disabled list pretty darn strong.

In three starts since coming off the DL, Britton is 3-0 with an ERA of 1.50 and has given up just three runs and 14 hits over 18 innings.

Besides those two terrible starts in July, Britton has made seven starts this year against the American League East. He is 4-2 with a 2.53 ERA in those outings.

Three of those have come against Boston and New York, and he has allowed just one earned run over 20 innings in those starts.

I don’t know exactly what happened for a while there with Britton. Perhaps he was hurt a little, tired or some of both.

Whatever it was seems to have passed and he has emerged again as a top young left-handed pitcher - just what we thought he was back in March.

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