Some more nuggets from Buck Showalter

No pun intended but here are some FanFest nuggets from Buck Showalter and his latest get-together with the reporters here.

Buck on the DH spot in the lineup: “It’s a question mark because a guy that has to anchor down there and do nothing but that is not there. I look at that as almost an asset, but if the right guy rears his head we’d go there. But it also allows us to move people around and keep people healthy.

“Wieters will be able to DH some and (we can) put some bats in the lineup we normally couldn’t do. I like were we are with the DH spot. There are plenty of candidates from within.”

Buck on playing Chris Davis at first and Mark Reynolds at third base: “If you look at what (Reynolds) has done this offseason and he’s entering into a semi-contract year depending how you look at it. He’s 15-20 pounds lighter than last year and he looks great.

“He’s got a real passion about showing the people of Baltimore and the baseball world how much better than he is with how he did statistically at third base.

“I’m not sure about Chris’ shoulder holding up during a long season at third base. We know that Chris is going to be an above-average first baseman and we think that Mark is a lot better than he showed last year. But if you put him at third and Mark at first, you have a chance to have two below average defenders at the corners and you don’t want to go into it with there being a lot of confusion with the players. Right now this fits us. Could it change? Potentially, but I think that’s how will we start the year.”

On whether it will it be a challenge in spring training to get innings for all the starting pitching candidates: “It is just a matter of creating games and I can do that. We’ve already got B games lined up and we have intrasquad games and Triple-A. We will get innings. I think the way that Rick (Adair) and I looked at it, it’s about the 15th of March until we have to start making decisions. We’ve designated the 11 or 12 guys we’ll have in that capacity. I also have a feeling something could change between now and that time. If you talk to Dan there are a lot of scenarios flying around out there in the trade market.”

Will Jim Johnson be the closer? “Right now, today, Jimmy is going to be in our bullpen and not starting. He pitched well the last month of the season and deserves a lof of consideration (to be closer).”

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