Adam Jones rips the fan that ran on the field

Adam Jones is clearly not a fan of the fan that ran on the field here at Camden Yards tonight.

A male fan ran on the field during the seventh inning stretch, removed his orange T-shirt and darted through the outfield. He veered to the infield after juking a policeman, rounded third base and dived across the plate.

After hopping to his feet in a further attempt to elude police, he was tackled from behind by plate umpire Jeff Kellogg.

Jones clearly approved of the umpire’s actions.

“That was awesome. I told him that was awesome. I’m sick and tired of these guys running on the field man,” Jones said. “Let’s get a canine or something. A canine would be fine. Let the cop train him to get him.

“It’s pathetic. It’s so annoying, you’re stopping the game. I know you are drunk, but do that somewhere else at someone else’s expense. I hope that’s a lesson.

“I vow that people get tased. I enjoy that. You don’t run on the field and disturb a game that’s going on. It’s private property and I’m sick and tired ... Well, I’m not sick and tired, I don’t like the way the cops go after them here. I know it’s not their call. The rules, they want to create a circle or seal.

“These kids are running all around these guys. No disrespect to the cops, but, go get this dude, put your knee in his throat and tie his (butt) up. Simple as that. It’s so annoying. I wish I can go out there as a player, but we can’t.”

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