Roberts’ return: Not just another night at the Yard

Seldom has a player appreciated getting a shaving cream pie in the face so much.

Brian Roberts seemed to be soaking everything in yesterday and appreciating all of it. For more than a year, he didn’t take the field for the Orioles, and never knew for sure if he’d return to the team and get his career back.

Last night, he did and the whole night was amazing.

It was one thing to see him come back and play so well but yet another to be a part of an important win. And still another to see the joy on his face as he realized that something he loved so much - baseball and playing for the Orioles, once taken from him - was back in his life.

It was just one night and there are no guarantees that he can continue to play that well or that any of his concussion issues from the past won’t resurface. But if anyone forgot how well Roberts once played for this team, they got a reminder last night.

Most of the winter, we heard from fans and reporters alike saying that the Orioles couldn’t count on Roberts this year and that he might be done. Some fans said he’d never play another game and wondered why didn’t the team just cut him.

Now we know why.

During a long season, after a while, all the games seem to run together in your mind and few stand out. This one won’t.

Click here to see Roberts’ post-game interview and that pie in the face.

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