Brian Matusz on his struggles and going back to Triple-A

After a lengthy postgame stop in the manager’s office, Brian Matusz emerged today to talk about being sent back to the minor leagues. Was he surprised that he is being sent back to Triple-A?

“No, not at all. My last five or six outings or so just haven’t been getting the job done. Today was just really inconsistent. There were signs of good pitches, but just haven’t been putting it together. You know, it’s killing the bullpen and makes it tough. Moves have to be made. I have to go down and get better,” MAtusz said after giving up five runs today against Cleveland as his record fell to 5-10 and his ERA increased to 5.42.

“It’s about being consistent. I know the stuff is there. I’ve had good outings, just have to put it all together.

“I wouldn’t say it’s mechanics. Just a matter of being consistent, attacking the zone and getting confidence back,” he said.

Does he feel close to making the needed improvement or is he just searching for answers at this point, with a record of 0-5 and ERA of 8.44 his past five starts?

“You know, just a matter of getting that sharpness back and the consistency of all the offspeed pitches. And being able to get fastballs in on guys better. That is where I seem to be getting hurt the most. I keep saying the word ‘consistent,’ but that’s what it’s all about. I know the stuff is there,” Matusz said.

He was asked what he did earlier in the season that has eluded him in recent starts.

“Win ballgames. That’s pretty much what it comes down to,” he said.

Matusz is now tied for the American League lead in losses and said during the interview that he needs to get his confidence back.

“Right now, my confidence isn’t there because I haven’t been winning ballgames. But I know I have the stuff,” Matusz said.

“Command is a big part of it. Like I said, being able to get inside on guys on the fastball and being able to mix it up. Been walking guys a lot more than I should be. That is what I need to improve on.”

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