The O’s continue to hold the second wild card spot, but for how long?

The Orioles’ current slide is nothing that a four-game winning streak couldn’t fix. It’s just that right now, the Orioles don’t look capable of winning four in a row.

The O’s have lost six of their last seven games and have been outscored 58-25 during that stretch. They have looked every bit as bad as that run differential would indicate.

Here is something pretty amazing: From May 20-June 1, the Orioles lost nine of 11 games. Currently they have lost 10 of 13 games. That is a record of 5-19 over two sizable stretches of the season. Yet, as of this morning, they still hold the second Wild Card spot. But it is safe to say their grip on that is as loose as it’s been all year.

Current AL wild-card standings:
45-35 - Los Angeles
42-37 - Baltimore
42-36 - Tampa Bay and Boston

The Orioles hold the lead for that second Wild Card by just a half-game over the Red Sox and Rays. They also lead those teams by just a half-game for second in the AL East, so fourth place is not that far away and the Orioles could possibly be there after tonight’s game.

Also, the Orioles are now a minus-29 in run differential. They are last in the AL East in that stat:

Plus-60 - New York
Plus-52 - Boston
Plus-21 - Toronto
Even - Tampa Bay
Minus-29 - Orioles

In that stat, the Orioles are not keeping great company. Seattle is ahead of them at minus-27 and the Mariners are 35-47. Kansas City, at 36-42, matches the O’s at minus-29.

Right now the Orioles are playing badly and they have the stats to prove it. When a team is going this poorly, it looks like the next winning streak will never come.

The Orioles responded to that first run of nine losses in 11 games by winning 10 of the next 14. But that was followed by this latest losing stretch. Can they turn it around this time?

What is your take?: What is hurting the team the most right now: pitching, hitting or defense? What record will they have in the remaining six games before the All-Star break? What will it take to turn this stretch around?

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