Dylan Bundy: “Telling everyone in my hometown about it was fun”

On Sunday afternoon at Fenway Park, Dylan Bundy threw seven pitches, getting two outs in his major league debut.

On Sunday night, when the team arrived back home in Baltimore, he was still pretty excited about that debut and the two key outs he got for the Orioles in the last of the eighth inning.

“I didn’t go to bed last night until about 12 or 1, which is late for me,” Bundy said today in the O’s clubhouse. “It was an exciting day. Telling everybody in my hometown and my family about it was pretty fun. Everybody back home said I looked good on TV. They said you chased your dream and you made it.

“It went by so fast, it was hard to remember everything. But I got two outs and enjoyed it. Once I got to the infield, the nerves started to hit me a little bit. Warm-up pitches, I was a little nervous, but after that first pitch, I calmed down a little.”

Bundy’s parents left Boston before Sunday’s game but watched on TV and they will be here tomorrow at Camden Yards.

Bundy has been a starter his whole life and had to warm up quickly to be ready to come into the game. He said he may have warmed up too quickly.

“Usually, it takes me 30 to 35 pitches to get warm and loose for a start. But I told the bullpen coach after eight pitches I was warm. I don’t think I was but at the moment I probably thought I was,” he said.

He usually throws some long toss before a start, but that was not possible this time.

“In high school, I came in relief once. Think I’ve done it maybe two times, so this was my third time. This is new to me. In the bullpen, I just threw all fastballs, maybe one or two curves, and said I was ready,” he said.

Bundy said if he is needed in today’s doubleheader, he’s ready to go.

“Yeah, definitely. I only threw for two outs,” he said.

He’s enjoying his first few days in the big leagues and in a pennant race.

“It’s a good atmosphere in here,” Bundy said. “We’ve got a winning attitude. These guys are great. They welcomed me the first couple of days and we’re here to win games.”

Tomorrow, Bundy is expected to be named the winner of the Jim Palmer award as the Orioles’ minor league Pitcher of the Year.

Bundy went 9-3 this year with an ERA of 2.08 over 23 starts at three minor league levels. He went 2-0 with a 3.24 ERA in three regular season starts for Double-A Bowie and then gave up just one run in six innings of a Baysox playoff start against Akron.

“It’s a good honor. Does Jim Palmer give it to you? Anyway, It’s a huge honor and I’d be blessed to have it if I get it,” he said.

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