McLouth: “This is where I wanted to be”

Orioles outfielder Nate McLouth is looking forward to his second season with the team. He told reporters at FanFest today that he felt this was his best fit when he was a free agent and he had that in mind as much as the dollars when sizing up where to play in 2013.

“Things were started to materialize with other teams. It just came down to this is where I wanted to be,” he said. “I wanted to jump on the opportunity before they started looking at somebody else. Luckily it happened the way it did.

“That is worth something (finding the right fit). A big part of my decision was not the contract. The financial part of it was not on the top of my list.

“It was a pretty easy decision. It was nice to go into the Holidays not worrying about where you would be. I really enjoyed playing for Buck and he was a big part of my decision.

“I hope we can build off last year. The expectations have been raised and that is a good thing. The fans will have a lot of excitement and you can tell by this turn out here. We want to move beyond what we did last year.”

A reporter asked McLouth if he felt he would be platooned this year.

“I think I’m an everyday player, but you have to prove that. That is what I believe and that is what I’m out to show,” McLouth said.

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