Once again, taking the pulse of Orioles fans

So, Orioles fans, how are you feeling about the Orioles’ inactivity this offseason now?

Of course, the club has made some moves, but not many were of the significant variety in adding starting players and no big free agent contracts were handed out. It has been the prevailing topic of discussion for weeks now.

While we need to keep in mind that there could be more moves made at any time, and that includes after next season starts, my sense is that more fans feel better about this team today than they did several weeks ago.

FanFest is one reason for that. It is one thing for reporters who cover the team to pass along quotes from the club brass really liking this team; it’s another for you to see and hear it yourself in person as thousands did at FanFest last Saturday.

While some might call it spin when they hear Dan Duquette or Buck Showalter talk about their team and its current makeup, I think fans got to see and sense that the duo really is high on their team at this point. They saw and heard several players say it too. Maybe that is reassuring to the fanbase. I’m just guessing that is true, but please write in with your comments and thoughts on this.

Showalter talked recently about how much he likes the current makeup of his team and also the makeup of his players.

“Lot of times this time of year, you hear some people saying wish we had another week off, but I don’t get that from these guys at all,” Showalter said. “They’re like, ‘Let’s go.’ And even with the WBC and it being a longer spring training. These guys genuinely like each other and respect each other.

“I went over to Aberdeen (for an appearance at Ripken Stadium) with Jim Johnson and riding back and forth with him. These are guys that, growing up, I would have liked to hang out with. You know. They don’t have the disease of me or I which is so inoperable and incurable.”

“There will be challenges. Some of the stuff will creep in, but I think they will police themselves. They are pretty proud of what they stand for.

“I like where we are. I know some people around baseball may think that’s eyewash. Let them think we didn’t do anything. I’m OK with that mentality. I think we did a lot by saying no to some stupid deals.”

About two months ago, we gauged the pulse of the fans before the Winter Meetings and you can click here to see what some of you wrote then.

By the way, in this article from The Sporting News, the author feels the Orioles will be fortunate to finish .500 this season.

What is your take?: How do you feel about the offseason with spring training now weeks away. Should the O’s have traded young pitching for Jason Kubel? Did FanFest change any of your opinions? Are the O’s stronger on offense or with pitching at this point? Will this club contend again in 2013?

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