Wieters and Davis talk about Arrieta’s command issues

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters was asked about Jake Arrieta’s continuing command issues. Is it mechanical or are there some other issues?

“We are going to work hard to find it where it’s locked in a little more,” Wieters said. “That’s the big thing is he had it early. Just being able to keep it through a whole game, he has to find some keys that he can lock into and be able to come back to.

“It’s there. Now it is just a matter of being consistent and that is what everyone in baseball is striving for. Jake will keep working until he figures it out.”

Chris Davis was also asked about Arrieta’s struggles today in the loss to the Dodgers.

“It’s tough to see that go on, but it is still early,” Davis said. “I think Jake, his command is really the only issue. He’s got such good stuff that if he can just be around the plate, he’ll be so effective. You see spurts where he looks really, really good and really dominant and you hope that he can continue to build off that.”

Davis keeps building on his own good start at the plate. He went 3-for-4 today and 7-for-11 in this series.

“I feel comfortable at the plate,” he said. “Towards the end of the road trip, I was more impatient, chasing some pitches I shouldn’t swing at. Even today, the strikeout with two runners on was big. I did the same thing, I went after pitches that were not in the zone. You are constantly working and making adjustments.”

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